WELCOME from the


I am incredibly fortunate to serve as the Chair of Governors for Bay Leadership Academy, where I work alongside my fellow Governors and Star Academies’ Board of Trustees to ensure our young people achieve the best possible outcomes – not only academically, but personally and socially, too.

We invest a great deal of time in ensuring that our pupils are safe, happy and well at the Academy, and strive to ensure all of our pupils benefit from an excellent quality of education which develops their unique talents, supports their individual growth, and helps them to discover a passion for learning and leadership. We ensure the Academy upholds its Star values of Service, Teamwork, Ambition and Respect and that all four values are reflected in the conduct of pupils and staff.

The Governing Body oversees the Academy’s performance in many critical areas. We ensure that the Academy is being managed well by senior leaders, teaching and learning is of the best possible quality across every subject and pupils are making strong progress and fully realising their potential. We make sure safeguarding arrangements are robust and implemented effectively, so every pupil feels safe in school. The Governing Body also oversees the operational aspects of the Academy, ensuring senior leaders make sound financial decisions that are in the best interests of pupils, that the Academy is fully compliant with statutory requirements, and that staff are effectively implementing key policies and procedures.

Our team of Governors is committed to continuous improvement at the Academy, and keen to form collaborative relationships with parents and the local community to ensure that Bay delivers on its mission of educational excellence, character development and service to communities.

Matt Hood

Chair of Governors