Curriculum Overview: Key stage three Art & Design

Art GCSE is about having an adventurous and enquiring approach to art and design and developing the skills to express it. You will develop an understanding of both historical and contemporary art and design and be able to produce a personal response to a range of ideas and starting points.

The skills you develop doing Art GCSE will be varied. Among them you will develop a working knowledge of the materials, practices and technology of art and design. You will develop the skills to investigate, analyse and experiment using practical and imaginative dexterity to express your ideas, feelings and meanings. Pupils will have the opportunity to explore and experience a wide range of materials, techniques and processes that are clearly informed by their interactions and understanding of the works of others. The specific practical skills you will develop include a broad range of drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media and ceramics.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 creative
HT1: Natural Form. Observational drawing, learning about composition, accuracy and tonal gradation.
HT2: Colour exploration! Colour pencil project, Inspired by the work of Amanda
HT3: Klimt Pattern and Photography project
Inspired by Gustav Klimt
HT4: Op Art
Optical illusion
Inspired by Bridget Riley.
HT5: CUBISM Portraiture
Photography & Photomontage.
Inspired by Picasso
HT6: Human figure: Photoshop SURREALISM
Surreal photoshop project. Inspired by Rene Magritte

HT1: Hand Illustration
Hopes Dreams and Fears
Fine line pen.
Inspired by Artist: Sandra Dieckmann
HT2: 3D Clay monsters
Inspired by James De Rosso
HT3: Sculpture Using wire, wood, stocking and Acrylic paint, Inspired by artists Gareth Griffiths and Michael Gustavson
HT4: Synaesthesia project. Responding to music visually.
Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky.
HT5: Photomontage. Based on historical event.
Using collage technique to create a visual response to world peace, inspired by artist Peter Kennard
HT6: Printmaking. Monoprints from own Photographs of animals/insects.
Katie Back.

Students will be undertaking a series of projects that will enable them to attain an arts award qualification. Projects include:
• T-Shirt designing and printing using Photoshop software.
• Typography street art.
Curriculum Overview: Key stage four Art & Design (Fine Art)

Fine art practice is defined as the need to explore an idea, convey an experience or respond to a theme or issue of personal significance. During the GCSE course students will have the opportunity to build upon skills learned during key stage three as well as experience new media, techniques and processes and develop analytical skills that enable a deeper understanding of other artists, photographers, designers etc.. creating work that is relevant, personal and meaningful.

Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
During this year students will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of media, materials, techniques and processes informed by an understanding of others artwork, in preparation for their personal project underpinned by the theme of still life in year ten. Students will be creating a personal project based on the theme of still life using preferred media, technique and materials and informed by personally selected contextual references. Students will complete their personal project during half term one.
Starting in half term two students will be undertaking their Externally Set Assignment (exam). Course will be complete by early May.

The GCSE in Art and Design contains two units. There is no written examination at the end of the course. Instead you will have to complete the Unit 1 coursework project over two-years (worth 60% of your final grade).
Unit 2: Externally Set Assignment consists of nine weeks preparation time followed by a ten hour exam (whereby final piece is produced) (worth 40% of your final grade).

All work is marked by the Art teachers and then moderated by an external moderator from the exam board.
Exam Board Specification: AQA GCSE Art and Design (Fine Art)

Enrichment Offer

Lunchtime and after school support and access to resources is offered daily. There is also a well attended art club which runs in the evening after school.