Bay Leadership Academy pupils are firmly on the path to a variety of high flying careers after achieving top grades at GCSE.

Joanna Kurowska will be continue her studies in our Sixth Form after achieving a 9, the top grade, in English Literature. Ecstatic with her result, Joanna commented:

“I’m very happy with the 9 that I got in English Literature and the 7 I got in History! Next year I will be studying A Levels in History, English Literature and RE.”

Keean Arnold is celebrating achieving excellent results which allow him to continue his aspiration of working within science in the future. He said:

“I’m really pleased with my results and I will be continuing with science A levels in the Sixth Form.”

Other pupils were overjoyed and also thankful of the support they received from their teachers.

Reece Greenall was thrilled with his results after “a long period of working extremely hard followed by a nervous wait”, whilst Gemma Gibson described her teachers as “amazing”. Josh Ford Carr echoed these sentiments, commenting:

“I am so proud of my results. I worked so hard and the effort really paid off. I still can’t believe I achieved top grades!”

The number of Bay Leadership Academy pupils achieving the top grades in English and Maths has increased by 7% this year, with 51% of students achieving Grades 9 to 4 in these core subjects.

John Shannon, Principal of Bay Leadership Academy, commented:

“Results like these do not happen by accident; they are the result of hard work and dedication shown by the students and also the staff over the last twelve months.

“We only joined Star Academies part way through the year, and their support and expertise to drive rapid improvement is already bearing fruit. We looked forward to building on this success in the coming years.”

Bay Leadership Academy pupils Keean Arnold and Reece Greenall celebrate receiving top grades