Key Stage 5

The Academy operates a two-year Key Stage 5 where pupils sit A-Levels or Level 3 Vocational qualifications. Pupils make their preferred options towards the end of Year 11, led by a formal interview process. Pupils will embark on one of two pathways: the Academic Route for those who have achieved high grades in equivalent GCSE courses, or the Vocational Route, where they are also offered extra time for English and Mathematics where necessary. The primary focus is to ensure that every pupil is enrolled on the correct courses based on their options and ability, and that all pupils leave with a GCSE in English and Mathematics if this was not obtained at Key Stage 4.

Courses Available at Key Stage 5 (Academic)

Pupils will study four options on the academic pathway in Year 12. However, moving into Year 13 they will have the option of dropping a subject to focus on the remaining three courses.

Subject Course Title Exam Board Specification
Option A A-Level Physics AQA 7408-D
A-Level Geography AQA 7037
Option B A-Level Biology AQA 7402
A-Level English Literature AQA 7712-B
Option C A-Level Chemistry AQA 7405
Option D A-Level Maths Edexcel 9MA0
A-Level History AQA 7042-CO
Courses Available at Key Stage 5 (Vocational)
Subject Course Title Exam Board Specification
Business Studies Business Studies Cambridge Technical Intro Diploma OCR 5329
Science BTEC Science Subsidiary Diploma Edexcel HC116
IT IT Cambridge Technical Intro Diploma OCR 5349
Photography A2 Art and Design (Photography) WJEC A656QSL
Engineering BTEC Engineering Subsidiary Diploma Edexcel KXA21
Health and Social Care Health and Social Care Cambridge Technical Intro Diploma OCR 5309
Art A2 Art and Design (Fine Art) WJEC A651QSL
Public Services BTEC Public Services Subsidiary Diploma Edexcel LR429
Media Studies Media Studies Cambridge Technical Intro Diploma OCR 5389
Performing Arts BTEC Performing Arts Extended Certificate Edexcel UWV48

Pupils will select one of the three options on the vocational pathway to study for both Year 12 and Year 13. If pupils have not already passed English or Mathematics at Key Stage 4, they will also attend additional lessons to achieve English or Mathematics.

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